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TypeScript Programmer*ka

For the Mingly project, where we are redesigning and expanding a networking platform (not only) for people with disabilities, we are looking for a volunteer TypeScript programmer. The current version of the platform is built on WordPress, but we are now working on designing new modules that will be built on React and linked to the existing wordpress foundation. So you'll need experience with TypeScript and React, knowledge of WordPress can definitely be an advantage.

Why join us?
You will be involved in a project with a great social impact and thanks to your experience you can help people with disabilities overcome the difficulties of getting to know each other. You'll also meet great people in the team from different working backgrounds, passionate about a good cause and helping their communities.

We have already started the development and are gradually adding a team that is working on the implementation of new functionalities. We are looking for more complex and simpler modules, so we are looking for more junior and experienced members to join the team.
For more information, contact Anežka at anezka@cesko.digital or ask directly on Slack in the #run-mingly channel.

3-5 hours a week

Contact person

Anežka Müller


Community Coordinator*

3-5 hours a week




3-5 hours a week


UI designer*ka

3-5 hours a week