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Coordination of partner organisations (for staff from NGOs)

We are looking for a senior colleague*fellow from a non-profit organization interested in digital education for children, seniors, and minorities.

In partnership with Google.org, the Česko.Digital community and an ecosystem of collaborating organisations, we are launching support for the use of digital technologies among people who may be socially excluded or have a poor quality of life due to a lack of competences (more about the project here).

In the first phase, we map the target group, their needs and barriers to technology use. The first big milestone is in July 2023, when we want to describe the target groups and the missing knowledge or competences that prevent them from using the potential of digital technologies (for communicating with the state or providing basic needs).

Non-profit organisations that already work with the target group** are important for research and project implementation (due to the harder to reach target group)**. From among them we are looking for a colleague who could coordinate communication and cooperation with these organisations as part of his/her full-time job (paid by our project).

Is your organisation close to working with minorities, children from excluded localities or the elderly? Do you want to work together on a project that aims to help them use digital technologies to improve their quality of life? Introduce yourself and your organisation on Slack in the project channel (#run-digitalni_inclusion) or email Romana at romana@cesko.digital.

3-5 hours a week

Contact person

Romana Pokorná

Community Coordinator*

3-5 hours a week




3-5 hours a week


UI designer*ka

3-5 hours a week