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Storybook / React developer*

TL;DR: We want to create and maintain this https://govuk-react.github.io/govuk-react (a community project in the UK) for the visual identity of public administration. Including testing, accessibility and a community backlog with the potential to push changes upstream. We are looking for a tech lead with strong experience in component API design.


In the framework of Česko.Digital we worked with the design identity of state services on the Covid portal project. And very successfully. We would like to create and maintain a library of React components in Storybook to speed up the development of future projects with state administration.

⛄️ Current status

🎯 Where we want to get to

  • We want to have a Storybook React component ready to implement future projects ( think covid portal 2.0, Atom version) and third parties.
  • Maintain functional and visual tests and accessibility tests on all components and larger units under test (such as headers, pages ...).
  • Collect suggestions and needs of the project in a community backlog, with the ambition to push the implemented changes upstream into the visual identity .

❓ Proc

  • If we want future projects and developers to work with a publicly correct design identity, it is most effective to give it to them in copy&paste code.
  • As a project, it has the ideal properties for :
  • There is a clearly explainable contribution and motivation. Both towards future projects and the design of the system itself.
  • It is well parallelizable, anyone can connect.
  • There are no hard deadlines or feat requirements.
  • It's an excellent case-study for the open-source development concepts in our community that we've learned in three years. Development setup, testing, accessibility.

👩💻 IT pindim

  • Why Storybook? It is a leader in building and maintaining a component system.
  • Why React? It is the most widespread FE solution in the community, if we do other FE projects in cooperation with the state, they will almost certainly be in React.
  • Why Typescript? 🤣

🎯 Who we are looking for

Wanted tech leadawho would be interested in starting the project (technologically on the model of the UK version). It is absolutely essential strong experience in API component system design (be able to decide whether to be RedButtonButton color=red or maybe Button variant=error and so. Just strong know-how in the area where FE developers fight the most.


5-10 hours a week

Contact person

Martin Wenisch