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TypeScript Developer*ka

For the project Wise Networkwhich aims to improve the digital literacy of seniors and to build a new digital infrastructure to provide individual digital education for seniors across the Czech Republic, we are looking for a TypeScript programmer or programmer.
You will be involved in the development of some of the modules of the emerging platform for seniors, digital assistants and service coordinators. You will need experience with TypeScript and ideally Next.js or React.
You may also need knowledge of WordPress, Divi or Elementor.

Why join us?
You'll be involved in a project with a big societal impact and your experience can help seniors easily find technological help for themselves or loved ones. You'll also meet great people on the team from a variety of work backgrounds, passionate about a good cause and helping those around them

We are currently about to release the MVP, and with the addition of another programmer we will be able to take our project even further.
For more information, contact Anežka at anezka@cesko.digital or ask directly on Slack in the #inkub-moudra-sit channel.

We look forward to seeing you!

3-5 hours a week

Contact person

Anežka Müller