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Copywriter* on the volunteer content team Česko.Digital

Do you want to develop your copywriting skills and write about different topics in different communication channels? Do you miss feedback on your texts? Are you looking to expand your portfolio and start writing? Or have you always wanted*to have your own blog, but need a kick start and get writing first? You'll experience it all on the volunteer content team at Česko.Digital! 💪

"'Do you need to learn something new, do you want to help something valuable and get the results as a reference for your further development? Try Česko.Digital.' This was recommended to me by a former classmate of mine, now a successful copywriter. He wasn't wrong about anything. You jump on the good wave and go. The enthusiasm, friendliness and openness of the community is incredible. Not to mention the concentration of know-how, which has opened up a whole new universe for me personally. Thanks, Česko.Digital! :)"
Tereza Kubíčková - copywriter, content team member Česko.Digital

📰 What do copywriters in the content team do?

  • **Create articles or interviews** for theblog Česko.Digital, which brings together all the ideas, experiences, news, know-how and stories of the community.
  • They write social media posts(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) that open the door to the outside world of fans, supporters, organisations and public administration.
  • Creates content for newsletters (such as the internal newsletter read.digital) serving as a gateway to the community and partners.
  • They contribute various texts for Slack's internal communication or for internal community education.
  • They are updating the content of our cesko.digital website to include all the latest information about our community.

🚀 Why are we doing this?

Through content and communication, we show the community and the world that what we do as expert volunteers has meaning and impact. We can attract more experts to our community or sell our know-how and successes to the world.

🤝 What will be your job?

  • You follow what's happening in the #ceskodigital-content channel in Slack and get involved in content creation.
  • You create content for different communication channels Česko.Digital according to your choice and focus.
  • You work with the cards in the Content Trello.
  • You contribute with ideas or just by writing texts with your tips and know-how to make Česko.Digital channels the heart of the education community and the world.
  • You're not afraid to give feedback on the performance of the content and content team.
  • You are a proud part of Česko.Digital.

⏰ Time commitment:
According to your possibilities. Preferably long term.

🤗 Who will be your mentor and guide in the content?

Terézia Palaščáková

Content Lead Česko.Digital and freelance copywriter

"I would love for you to get involved with the content of Česko.Digital, because it's an important part of our entire nonprofit organization. Thanks to the content team, the whole world gets to know about us. And you can be a part of it! I'll guide you through the whole process and training, be your mentor and editor in writing, and be available whenever you're unsure about something. Whether you're a senior or junior, want to learn something new or just contribute your writing to the content of Česko.Digital, we'd love to welcome you!"

💙 What can we offer you?

  • You will gain invaluable experience in copywriting and the non-profit sector.
  • You will receive relevant feedback on your outputs and work, which will help you to continuously improve.
  • You will be working in a motivating, expert team that loves to create and develop.
  • You'll get a great reference for your resume.
  • You will work with senior content specialists such as the Content Lead Česko.Digital.

"I wanted to help in something interesting, new, meet interesting people and taste something I had no idea existed just a few days before. It turned out to be a great experience and amazing people and I definitely want to continue and recommend it further because you feel like such a little hero here. I believe I've learned a lot and I'm going to learn a lot more!"
Tomáš Jelen - copywriter, content team member

If you are interested in the offer and want to know more, don't hesitate to get in touch! 😊

0-2 hours a week

Contact person

Terézia Palaščáková