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Android developer*ka

We make it easier for Czechs and Ukrainians to communicate. Movapp makes it easier for them to communicate and eventually learn a new language.

Do you want to participate in the development of the mobile app? We are looking for Android developers* to join our team. We would be happy to welcome someone for long term or shorter/intermittent work, even just a few hours a week. Movapp has been running on Android since spring, we are developing the app further and adding new features, which you could help us with. You can find our website and the app at www.movapp.cz and we have the source code on Github(https://github.com/cesko-digital/movapp-android).

Feel like giving it a try? Get in touch in the channel, Tania on Slack, or email us at pryvit@movapp.cz.

3-5 hours a week

Contact person

Tatiana Chytilová