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Czech* language tool for creating educational content

We are looking for Czech educational content creators for the Movapp project. Do you want to help Ukrainian refugees to cope with situations in Czech environment and learn Czech?

We are looking for a person with a flair for the Czech language. If you have studied Czech, that's a plus. If you have experience with Czech for foreigners, it's a double plus.

📈 Movapp has reached tens of thousands of users in one year. It has helped them from the first weeks of their stay in the Czech Republic with basic communication in Czech. And it helps them to continue living in the Czech environment and learning our language.

✍️ You'll work on practical vocabulary and phrases on a range of topics (from visiting the doctor, to conversing in the street, to understanding history at school). In collaboration with Czech teachers teaching Ukrainian students and Ukrainian translators, you will create Czech content for our electronic dictionary and learning app. We'll teach you how to work with Czech voice synthesis (text-to-speech) to make all Czech words and sentences sound beautiful.

📚 We have prepared several hundred vocabulary words sent to us by Czech teachers. Your first task will be to sort them, check them, simply prepare them to serve users well.

You can then build on this by preparing your own sets of words and phrases for other topics. And if you're talented, you can even start writing fairy tales in simplified Czech for children.

👉 We would be happy to welcome someone for a long-term cooperation (for us it means at least 2 months), if only for a few hours a week.

The reward is meaningful work and the freedom to implement your own ideas!

📧 Where to call

Feel like giving it a try? Get in touch in the channel, Tania on Slack, or email us at pryvit@movapp.cz.

3-5 hours a week

Contact person

Tatiana Chytilová