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TypeScript developer*ka for creating data end points

Are you a fan of open data and want to help the community be able to transparently publish data about themselves, their projects and their other activities? And are you also at home with TypeScript or want to get better at it?
Then be sure to get in touch!

What would be your job?

  • Prepare the available data in the required format to the endpoint so that we can load it into graphs within Datawrapper

To give you a better idea, here are some existing statistical endpoints developed and here is an example of a graph that is generated from such an endpoint.

  • Consult on what other community data we could collect and report on.
  • Document your code clearly so others can understand it

What does it get you?
Not money and probably not fame (maybe a little), but we have a much better caliber and that's peeking under the hood Česko.Digital, helping the community read our data well, and getting to know the fine folks on the tribal team Česko.Digital.


0-2 hours a week

Contact person

Gabriela Chladilová