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Copywriter* for presentation website


For the project CSGOV, in which we are developing an open solution for creating flexible websites for municipalities and contributory organizations, we are looking for volunteer support in the form of a Copywriter or Copywriter who will help us to move information about the platform into an attractive and readable form.

Within the project, our goal is to provide a simple basic design with a possible more sophisticated superstructure and customizable content. We are currently working on completing the research with the focus groups and starting the actual redesign.
The platform should be ready for anyone to install and customize independently. We would like to describe all the system options well and improve the overall presentation of the project as well. That is why we are putting together a copywriting team to take on this task.

What would you expect in terms of copywriting:

  • Project description
  • Introduction of functions
  • Regular news
  • Changelog (transcript of boring technical improvements)
  • Description of the installation process
  • Presentation of supporters (Open Cities, Česko.Digital...)

What's in it for you:

  • You will be involved in a project that supports local governments and offers them an open solution as an alternative to commercial services
  • You'll meet great people in the team from a variety of backgrounds who are passionate about a good cause and helping those around them.

For more information, contact Anežka at anezka@cesko.digital or ask directly on Slack in the #run-csgov channel.
We look forward to seeing you!

0-2 hours a week

Contact person

Anežka Müller