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Marketing / Partnerships + Copy help for Movapp

Our goal is to facilitate communication between Czechs and Ukrainians. That's why we are creating and constantly improving the Movapp language app.

In order to get Movapp to as many users as possible, we are looking for several volunteer marketers to join our team:

  • Marketing Lead - to help with the overall marketing strategy and management of other volunteers on the team

  • Partnership Coordinator* - to establish and maintain relationships with institutions; we are looking for someone to both implement and support this area

  • Copywriters - for writing posts for social networks and internal communication channels, press releases, etc.

The positions are not strictly defined and may even blend according to experience/interest, ideally we would like to welcome 3 colleagues for a longer term collaboration, but shorter stints are possible. The time range is from 2h per week, in the case of Marketing Lead roughly 4h per week (we work mostly asynchronously, so the specific time is up to the volunteer).

The reward is meaningful work and the opportunity to implement your own ideas.
Do you want to try it? Get in touch in the channel, Tania at Slack, or email us at pryvit@movapp.cz.

3-5 hours a week

Contact person

Tatiana Chytilová