Web Designer

The Nepanikar app, which focuses on first aid for mental health problems, has been transformed into a **new design thanks to Česko.Digital . The **goal was to make the app more modern and user-friendly for young users (and we believe it succeeded 😉 - check it out here).

Since Nepanikař offers other psychological help services through its website in addition to the app, she would like to redesign that as well.

That's why we are looking for a **Web Designer**😎 to help us with this.

It will not be about creating a completely new website or a big "redesign", but rather about matching the design with the application - colors, components, partly structure.

The website is written in Wordpress elementor, so the basis is wordpress and here and there CSS or HTML.

Time commitment depends on skill, but we expect **max 3-5 hours per week**(however, this can be arranged individually).

If you are interested (or have any questions), don't hesitate to contact us, ideally Veronika at kamenska@nepanikar.eu or Slack.

We will look forward to it!💜

3-5 hours a week

Contact person

Veronika Kamenska