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Senior Scrum Master*ka

We are looking for a Scrum Master* who will be regularly involved in a newly developed project at Česko.Digital. We are currently in the discovery phase. We are collecting data about the target group and preparing for guided interviews and focus groups.

The Scrum Master introduces Scrum events at the start of the project and creates an environment to foster communication and the emergence of a self-directed team. We mostly use Jira, Slack, Confluence and Miro for project communication and documentation.

The role is described in more detail here: https://bit.ly/3L2J08b.

The Scrum Master is typically a partner to the Product Designer (Lujza Kotryová from Česko.Digital), whom you help with team management, communication and setting up agile management and iterative process.

Good team communication, creating a safe environment and fostering a self-directed team is important to you.

If you are interested in the project and the role, introduce yourself on Slack in the project channel (#run-digitalni_inclusion) or email Romana at romana@cesko.digital.

3-5 hours a week

Contact person

Romana Pokorná