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Graphic designer for Digi Guide

DigiGuide has an important role in scaling projects in Česko.Digital - more here: https://bit.ly/346lTZC.

Thanks to the tips from Česko.Digital and experience from other organizations in the Czech Republic and around the world, we will help to launch more digital projects from state and non-profit organizations (Loono, Výluka, I Don't Owe the State, Nepanikař and others).

The first step (MVP) will be primarily about tips on how to build great projects and teams. Topics include:
- Product Design
- Lean Canvas and Lean Startup
- Agile Management
- Team Composition and Competency Model
- Working and Motivating in a Volunteer Environment

Each topic has its own author who elaborates its content. A graphical format (e.g. infographics) is important for understanding and usefulness, framing the introduction to the topic and helping to make it compact. E.g. the project process from idea to implementation here: https://bit.ly/344K6Q6.

If you feel like getting creative and suggesting how to translate the texts into a playful and understandable form, write to us.

Product Owner on the project is Romana Pokorná, who has been at Česko.Digital for 1.5 years and is responsible for the project methodology in the incubator and accelerator. She is ready to help with anything.

Planned activities for the project are listed in Jira: https://bit.ly/3HlmmFw.


0-2 hours a week

Contact person

Romana Pokorná