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Marketing & partnerships with non-profit organizations and libraries

From March to July 2023, a team of nearly 30 people is working on a survey on digital inclusion for children from excluded localities, minorities and seniors over 65. 34 organizations participated in the survey. We have data from over 750 individuals who are personally affected by the topic. Once the research is completed, we plan an ideation part where we will shape the shape of the future solutions platform together with partners (commercial entities, government and non-profit organizations). The ideation phase will be followed by implementation, where we will create a suitable solution for our target audience(s).

We'd love to have you on our team of UX designers, project managers and researchers. We want to create a team focused on coordinating a wide network of partners who bring to the project: important insights about the needs and life situations of the target group, content, influencers or help spread the project further to the target group.

What your job will involve:

  • Identifying and approaching suitable partners - collaborating on content and its dissemination
  • Communication with existing partners - we have 30+ partners within the database - non-profit organizations that have helped us with research, and another 30+ partners - government, libraries, organizations and businesses that want to support further development

Your profile:

  • Mail communication is close to your heart
  • Can you write an attractive invitation to an event
  • You have a desire to dig into spreadsheets and add to the list of partners and communication status
  • Inventing win-win cooperation is close to your values

Do you have communications experience and a desire to develop further in partnership, do you want to be involved in a new service that aims to reach 10,000 people by January 2025? Drop us a line on Slack (#run-digital_inclusion) or Kamchi(kamilla.tomaskova@gmail.com).

0-2 hours a week

Contact person

Kamila Tomaskova