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You can also help outside the community. With Marketplace, you can help any nonprofit or public service organization that does not currently have a project on Česko.Digital. For these organizations, Marketplace makes it easy to ask anyone in the community to help with one-off tasks and short-term collaborations. How to specifically use the service and how the whole process works is explained on our wiki.

Kudykampus is looking for 3 great reinforcements to the team

Greetings throughout Česko.Digital. 💙

I am looking for 3 great people to strengthen our teams and work with us on projects with the ambition of systemic change in the areas of education, youth mental health and building partnerships to deliver the SDGs.

Coordinator of the Prague branch of Kudykampus (quality of education)

- programme design and implementation, recruitment of participants, creation of a community of participants - inspirers - teachers at secondary schools, cooperation with the marketing team on promotion, active participation in various events - conferences, discussions, communication with partners and donors, etc.

- 0.5 - 0.75 FTE, ideally invoicing

Partner - right hand - with a lot of flexibility - Kudykampus projects, Safezona (mental health), Social Business Breakfast (networking platform), Gymnasium Kudykampus

- Project coverage of selected agenda, providing quality support on the above mentioned projects, preparation of documents, reports, research, presentations, organization of events and other nice things..

- This is the intersection and work on the Kudykampus, Safezona, Social Business Breakfast and Gymnasium Kudykampus projects. The projects are growing, evolving and I need either to blow time (which I can't) or someone who knows and knows.. ❤️

- 0.5 time, ideally billing...

Manager of Kudykampus Gymnasium

We are opening a four-year grammar school in Prague. And if you want to be there, let me know. 🙌

I am looking forward to new wind, ideas, innovation, energy and creativity. I believe that together we can take these projects one step further. And whoever wants to be there, please send a message to froulikova.marie@gmail.com. 🍀

Thanks Marie

Marie Froulíková from

Contact by email

O krok is looking for programming and graphics help to create a game

Greetings to everyone from the https://www.okrok.eu/ project !

We are dedicated to improving the open labour market for people with disabilities and advocacy is part of our work.

We would like to create a simple game for our website and were directed to this marketplace as a good place to ask how to do it 🙂

The game consists of an animation of a little man whom the player can torment in various ways by selecting data from the bars.

Can anyone give us some advice? 🙂 If so, I'll send a detailed brief.

Inquires Klára Školníková from

Contact by email

FORS looking for help with Wordpress website

Hello from the Czech Development Cooperation Forum,

we are looking for a programmer and a marketing consultant who will work with us to change the attitude of the Czech public towards climate change.

What are we doing?

We bring together 34 NGOs involved in humanitarian aid and foreign development cooperation (e.g. People in Need, Doctors Without Borders, AMO). The Czech Republic is likely to bid to host the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 29). We want to use this moment to break the public indifference and gain their support for climate change issues. Without public pressure we will not raise the interest of politicians. Climate change affects 80% of developing countries and is mainly caused by developed countries. That is why we are preparing an appeal with a petition for the public and the government to actively participate in compensating developing countries.

1. We are looking for a Wordpress programmer to help us create a simple homepage with an online petition form. We will supply all the documents. Homepage will include:

- opening banner,

- shortened call (+ full-text dropdown) with the number of people who have already signed the petition, personal data fields to fill in

- medallions of people who support the petition (photo, name, quotes)

- link to the page with the summary of the arguments

- loglines, contacts

When: we expect to be available until 10 am during April 1-14.

2. We are looking for a marketing plan consultant to ensure that the challenge created has the greatest impact and benefit.

Anna Zýková from

Contact by email

Tour de App competition is looking for DEV mentors for the event on March 31 and April 1*. in *Brno*

Tour de App - For the third and (this year) last time

On Friday and Saturday, 31 March and 1 April, the Grand Final of the Tour de App competition for high school students in programming and application development will take place in Brno. As in the previous rounds, we offer the opportunity to participate and help the contestants as a mentor to do their task in the best possible way. The event itself will start a little after noon on Friday and end on Saturday afternoon. Among other mentors you will be able to meet Martin Wrnish or @UMC5L2QP5.

And as for the mentoring itself - you don't need to be a senior with 10+ years of experience (although we welcome them, of course 🙂 ). Our contestants are high school students and most of them are starting out on their IT journey - they will benefit from advice from anyone who is involved in programming (but also UX or design).

If interested, message me or reply here in the thread.

Inquires David Rajnoha from

Contact by email

JINAG is looking for a Marketing and Content Manager

Hi👋 We are looking for a Marketing Manager to join our team at JINAG Public Innovation Agency www.jinag.eu, with an emphasis oncontent👩‍💻🏽

We offer, flexibility, part-time and work on an IČ for a minimum of 20 hours per week. It is possible to work in our office near the centre of Brno or even partly from home. However, we prefer someone who is within commuting distance of Brno, so that they can attend offline work meetings.


- Quality written expression

- Good work with text

- Technically proficient

- Knowledge of social networks

- Wanting to work on yourself and constantly learning new things

We innovate in the public sector, especially in health, environment, energy, mobility, digitalisation... with an emphasis on a participatory approach.


Inquires Honza Bárta from

Contact by email