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How UX designers think or design for the real world

The first part of the series focused on UX & UI. This time we'll show more about UX. Let's go!

What will the webinar be about?

In the first part, we'll introduce the field of design (mainly UX, but not only) as such - we'll show that just "drawing something" is only a small part of what design entails. 

What can you look forward to?

You'll learn what the entire "design process" looks like, from initial research to sketches and wireframes to design and testing, and how you can be inspired by it, whether you're in design or another field. Česko.Digital At the same time, you will gain an insight into how projects work in practice from a designer's perspective and what challenges they can present through real-life experience. The webinar is partly based on the conclusions of the last Product Design Mastermind at Česko.Digital.
The seminars are suitable for both beginners and intermediate designers, as well as for anyone who wants to get an idea of how the fields of UX and UI design differ and what they entail.

Who will lead the webinar?

Klára currently works at Oracle as a senior UX designer for low-code development environments. She's been doing graphics and coding since high school, studied software and data engineering at Matfyz and new media at FF UK - and was drawn to UX and UI design because she can use her diverse background to design meaningful things. In her spare time, she enjoys talking enthusiastically about Figma or design to anyone willing to listen, and she also enjoys music, from the classical music she studied at the conservatory (or organ playing) to German rap.

Where to arrive?

The webinar will take place on Monday 12/12/2022 from 18:00 to 19:30 via Google Meet, the link will be sent to your email after registration.

You can find edited recordings of these events in our video library or on our YouTube channel (we recommend subscribing to it so you don't miss any new videos).

Date of the event
after 12/12/17:00
Length of the event
90 minutes
Google Meet

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