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Teaching by rote: introduction to cybernetics

What is cybernetics and how does it affect society? Join the webinar with Michael Šebek, professor of cybernetics at CTU.

Why is the world changing and who is to blame? What is cybernetics? What are the basic principles, discoveries, inventions? What have they caused and what will they cause? And what to do about it?
All these questions you must be asking yourself. And maybe there are more. Join us on March 2, 2022, for the Teaching Online webinar and Professor Michael Šebek will answer them for you.
What the webinar will bring you:

  • What cybernetics is and where it came from, what it can and cannot do
  • Systems and their networks
  • Feedback, automatic control, autonomous systems, robots
  • What is the good/bad of this?
  • How to become future-proof

Michael Šebek is a professor of cybernetics at the CTU, head of the Department of Control Engineering, scientist and teacher, founder of the Robocompetition for secondary and primary schools, science communicator and tireless fighter for changes in education.
The course is for everyone.
You can register below; registration closes the day before the webinar or when we reach capacity.
Please check your email.
Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here: https://www.ucimeonline.cz/nejcastejsi-otazky-a-odpovedi/

Date of the event
Wed 2 Mar 6pm
Length of the event
90 minutes
Google Meet
Register here!

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