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Tech Talk #1: Infrastructure

Our CTO will introduce you to how we work with DevOps technologies at Česko.Digital . GitHub, AWS, Terraform, Vercel, ...

DevOps in Česko.Digital

On our Slack channel #ceskodigital-tech on Thursday afternoon, you can discuss with our CTOs the development technologies that power projects Česko.Digital.

  • We'll discuss our work with GitHub, what we've learned in two years of operation, what works and what hasn't worked for us.
  • How we solve infrastructure and why it is beneficial to use IaC (Infrastructure as Code) principles and version Terraform configurations in GitHub.
  • What needs to be done to make the project easily transferable. To make sure that no important part of the puzzle rests solely on the know-how of one volunteer.
  • How to think within the non-profit sector about the price of deployment, where to compromise and which compromises are not worth it at all.

Place and time

The first Tech Talk will take place on the new voice chat Huddle directly in Slack in the #ceskodigital-tech channel. We'll be online there this Thursday, 7/15 at 3pm all the rest of the afternoon.

During that time, you can join at any time and ask anything about the topic.

Date of the event
Thu 15 July 13:00
Length of the event
3 hours
Join Slack

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