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Computer collection or why it is important to help

Let's give technology a new chance and contribute to the development of children's digital literacy. An online discussion on the importance and future of the Computer Collection.

How does the Computer Collection work? What is its importance in promoting children's digital literacy? Does donating computers still make sense? How can your organisation get involved?

We invite you to an online discussion during which **Eva Pavlíková and Gabriela Chladilová from Česko.Digital ** will describe the origin and development of the Computer Collection and Šimon Pánek and Zuzana Ramajzlova will explain why People in Need decided to take over and further develop this project. Together they will discuss the future of the Collection and its social and environmental impact.

We will discuss with other guests from among the current donors, supporters and beneficiaries of the Collection what their real experiences have been, what their motivation was to join the Collection and how they perceive the impact of their involvement.

Dana Vaníčková will moderate the discussion. We will be broadcasting **liveon our YouTube channel. **

We would be happy to have you join us with your questions on anything you are interested in regarding this topic. You will be able to ask questions online.

If you are unable to attend but are interested in the topic, a recording of the event will be available for viewing.

Date of the event
Wed 11/24, 15:00
Length of the event
60 minutes

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