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Our CTO + your questions = ❤️

Interested in what technologies we use at Česko.Digital ? For example, how do we work with GitHub, Vercel, AWS or Terraform? How does development work in a volunteer organization environment? Are you interested in where you could get involved?

Join our #ceskodigital-tech channel anytime on Saturday, July 24, turn on the Huddle live audio chat and ask our CTO Martin Wenisch!

Date of the event
Sat 24/7 08:00
Length of the event
8 hours
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Google Meet

Event Nezisk.Digital #1

Participants of the pilot course present their audit tools and digitisation plan (presentation and feedback).

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Google Meet

We are managing a project at GITnich...

GIT web tools also provide quite advanced project tools. Let's take a look at them and learn how to use them.

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Community Hour - what's happening in Česko.Digital

Regular quarterly meetings for anyone interested in what's happening at Česko.Digital, want to hear news from current projects or share interesting topics with others.

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