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Open Source Driving the European Digital Decade

What is the role of openness and Open Source software in the current digital policy discussion?

This event is organised to discuss the role of openness and Open Source software in the current digital policy discussion as well as to place it in the context of the Czech Presidency. The event fits into three out of five of the key priority areas of the Presidency: Strengthening Europe's defence capabilities and cyberspace security; Strategic resilience of the European economy; and Resilience of democratic institutions. 

This event is jointly organised by OpenForum Europe, Open Content, Česko.Digital, Open Cities, Masaryk University, and Red Hat, all being engaged open source community participants and digital policy stakeholders.
The focus on Open Source Software (OSS) for this event stems from the increased involvement and interest of the public sector in the ways that OSS can support achieving policy goals such as digital sovereignty, adaptability, control and reuse of existing resources and solutions. From being a fringe activity 20 years ago, Open Source Software (OSS) is today the fundamental innovation layer of the digital world. In fact, 92 % of all applications use Open Source components. As such, open source will shape the digital markets for years to come.

You may find the complete agenda here: https://openforumeurope.org/event/open-source-driving-the-european-digital-decade/

Date of the event
Fri Sep 16 08:00
Length of the event
6 hours
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