OpenAlt 2022

An open approach to an open society.

The OpenAlt conference is marked by open and alternative solutions and new possibilities for every day, which are solved or opened by modern technologies of today's world. The weekend of September 17 and 18 will mark the 17th edition of this community conference.
This year's program will feature Martina Habová, on behalf of Česko.Digital , presenting a paper on the topic of expert volunteering.
The full programme of the event can be seen here:

The OpenAlt conference was created in 2014 as a result of the merger of the LinuxAlt and Openmobility conferences. As a conference with a long tradition, LinuxAlt has been dedicated to open source software and technologies since 2006. With more than 500 visitors, LinuxAlt soon became the largest event of its kind in the Czech Republic. The Openmobility conference was established in 2010 and brought the topics of open mobile platforms and open hardware to Czech and Slovak visitors in the form of classic lectures and practical workshops.

OpenAlt builds on the best of LinuxAlt and Openmobility and extends its focus to the topics of open data in government and the private sector (Open Data) and open access to scientific information (Open Access). OpenAlt also focuses on participatory and free culture, especially online collaboration, learning communities and, in this context, alternative education. Makers will also find a place for themselves in the new DIY world.

Date of the event
Sat Sep 17 06:30
Length of the event
31.5 hours
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