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Event Nezisk.Digital #1

Participants of the pilot course present their audit tools and digitisation plan (presentation and feedback).

Are you dealing with the implementation of new tools? Are you looking for tools that could make it easier to work with your team? Are you struggling with how to secure your data in your organization and don't know where to start?

It all starts with a systematic mapping of the needs of the organization and only then can we choose the tool so that we don't get into a situation where we serve the technology and not the other way around, the technology serves us.

Hear from organisations that have signed up for our pilot course on how they have audited their needs to streamline and facilitate their communication and team collaboration, or to strengthen data security and protection against leaks, spam and other cyber threats.

Who will you hear

  • Tamtamy o.p.s. - Data protection and security with regard to accessibility for employees with disabilities
  • Cherion T - Team Expansion - the process of hiring and onboarding a new employee
  • SIPORA - Team task management - communication and cooperation
  • Letokruh, z.ú. - Records of volunteers and financial management

Topic of the first event: learn how to prioritize your organization's needs and not be limited by the tools.


  • Presentation to NPOs on how they mapped their needs and identified quick and easy wins (60 min - 10 min per NPO)
  • Discussion and questions (30 min)

Why participate

  • Learn about a method for effective process mapping in your organization.
  • Sharing NGOs' experience with systematic mapping.
  • A nonprofit organization shares its experience with data auditing, security vulnerabilities, data classification, and the impact of a security incident on its organization.
  • Presentation of the developed digitisation plans.
  • Discussing with course participants and providing advice to other non-profit organizations.
  • Learn how toidentify quick and easy wins with big impact.
  • You will meet others in the industry who are going through the same issues and you can debate.

Why do systematic needs mapping

  • A holistic view of the whole process, taking into account all the actors involved and their motivations.
  • Solving problems, not symptoms - it allows you to identify the connections and causal links between the steps of the process, to uncover hidden problems, ineffective practices or inappropriate interactions that may underlie the main problem.
  • Collaboration and Team Consensus - serves as a common language and visual tool that facilitates collaboration among stakeholders, helps align a general understanding of users, their goals, and the overall process, and promotes better communication and shared decision-making.

More info about systematic process mapping in the video here.

Why do a data audit

  • Risk management - the audit identifies the risks associated with the data and gives you a basis on which you can work out how to mitigate those risks.
  • Access control - based on the audit, you can restrict access to data to authorized persons only.
  • Data handling and storage - identifies how data is handled in the organization so you can ensure rules are in place to handle data securely.
  • Compliance with legal requirements - an audit will help you identify data that must comply with data protection regulations.

For more on data auditing, watch the video here.

Date of the event
Tue 6 Jun 07:00
Length of the event
90 minutes
Google Meet

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