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Nezisk.Digital: Basic digi competencies for non-profit organizations with an emphasis on security

IT security for non-profit organizations

Nonprofit.Digital: Together with Avast Foundation and VIA Association, we are organizing a pilot event for nonprofits focused on digital security

From Expert Partnership Česko.Digital, the Avast Foundation and the VIA Association, the first synergistic action has emerged. Non-profit organisations can gain information and practical advice on digital technologies and online security.

What will he be doing?

You can look forward to an effective half-day dedicated mainly to group consultations with experienced mentors. We will discuss various aspects of digital security in the non-profit sector and share best practices from organizations that have extensive first-hand experience with it. You will also have the opportunity to meet industry experts in person and make valuable contacts.

The event takes place symbolically in October, which is the 10th European Cyber Security Month.

When does it take place?

This event will take place on 20 October 2022 from 8:30 to 12:00 + approximately one hour for networking.

Where will it take place?

The event will be held in parallel in Prague and Brno at Avast's offices so that experts and NGOs from multiple locations can attend. When registering, just choose which venue suits you better.

What topics will we discuss?

You can let us know what topics you are interested in right when you register.

What will be the format of the event?

In small groups, you will discuss a selected topic with experts and exchange experiences and good practices with other NGOs. First, you will discuss the first selected topic with one group and after an hour of discussion you will move on to the second topic with another mentor/mentee and participants. At the end of the meeting, there will still be space for networking with experts and other participants.

✨Action is free
✨Meeting is physically in Brno or Prague (depending on your preference)

Who is the event for?

For medium and smaller non-profit organizations, their directors, project managers, IT enthusiasts and enthusiasts.
The output for you should be a list of activities that your non-profit wants to undertake in this area. Therefore, we would be happy to receive ideally two representatives from you. This will allow you to discuss more topics and better support the introduction of innovations into your organization

How to apply?

The number of places at the event is limited, so book a place for yourself and a colleague as soon as possible. Please register each participant separately. Register for the event at the link.

If you have additional questions, please email romana@cesko.digital.

Looking forward to seeing you!👋

Date of the event
Thu Oct 20 06:30
Length of the event
4.5 hours
Avast // Prague, Brno

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