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Mastermind - Pilot

The goal of Mastermind is to share experiences and feedback from a large number of people in a quick format. We invite you to the first meeting in no.

At a Mastermind meeting there is a space to ask a question, present an idea, mention a problem or need you are facing. You will then get feedback, insights and new perspectives and experiences on the topic from others. When sharing, look for ways to resolve or advance the topic with others. 

The option we have chosen for the pilot Mastermind meeting on February 2, 2022, 17:00-19:00, is a hot seat format, where the focus is on one participant only during the meeting, which will be Martina Cílková from the tribal team No.d with the topic TechForum. The moderator of the event is Jindřich Fialka from Q Designers(here LinkedIn).

The TechForum concept builds on the re-visioning of Česko.Digital, which took place in the summer of 2021, bringing the creation of 4 open thematic platforms: education, health, public administration and working with data. Come give us feedback on what we are planning and influence how we all move forward together!

  1. Mastermind on the topic is at 90 min
    1. approx. 20 min presentation of the topic (ideally in the form of a pitch presentation)
    2. followed by approximately 2 responses per participant providing their insights, experiences or resources
  2. 30 min. feedback on the new format for sharing and transferring experiences in n.d.
  3. Further information:
    1. The first meeting will be recorded to serve as a resource for participants in future meetings 
    2. to collect information and suggestions on the 1st topic, the first Mastermind for 20 participants (you can sign up here)
    3. with a follow-up discussion we want to continue in #general
    4. if you are interested in presenting your idea or asking a question at the next meeting, let Romana Pokorná know in the #mentoring-consulting channel.

The discussion will be held with all registered participants via Google Meet.

If you are unable to attend but are interested in the topic, the recording of the event will be available for later viewing and as inspiration for participants in the next Mastermind.

Date of the event
Wed 2/2 4pm
Length of the event
120 minutes
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