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Meetup Česko.Digital #3: Meet the faces who care about a better Czech Republic

Do you want to meet other people or familiar faces from Slack, find out more about the activities and plans of our organization and soak up a lot of motivation and good mood? Come to the renewed regular meetup of our community!

We are renewing the tradition of regular Česko.Digital live meetings. 🤗 And you can't miss it!

What will the event be about?

About community, people, projects, common achievements, activities and visions. 🌟

You'll learn:

  • what Česko.Digital has done in the past year,
  • what the plans are for 2023,
  • where we want to go as an organisation and how we want to help the public sphere use digital tools even more,
  • what projects we are currently working on and where you can get involved,
  • and a lot of other things you'll find useful in the community.

We will get to know each other, chat, enjoy good refreshments, but most importantly, we will remind ourselves of the important role of expert volunteering and your passion for changing the Czech Republic for the better. 🙏

Schedule of the evening:
18:00 Opening the doors of Opera
18:30 Welcome, looking back at 2022, looking forward to 2023
18:50 Presentation of some of the projects in the community:

  •   Election calculator
  •   Exercise with rheumatism
  •   Stojíme za Ukrajinou
  •   Moudrá Síť
  •   Česko.Digital #market-place
  •   Nepanikař
  •   Místo ve škole
  •   Movapp
  •   Safezóna
  •   Donation of ready-made meals
    20:00 📸 Group photo
    20:15 💡 Popcorn/Lightning talks
    20:30 End of the organized part of the program
    22:00 Closing of the event

👀 We'd love to see you, whether you're part of the community Česko.Digital, or not yet involved and just want to learn more about us. All are welcome!

🔁 We will repeat the event once every six months.

How to apply and when and where to arrive?

🗓️ See you on February 1, 2023 from 18:00 at Opero on Salvátorská 8 in Prague.
🗒️ Register in the form and we'll be in touch soon with additional information and a calendar invitation!

We look forward to seeing you! 💙

Date of the event
Wed Feb 1, 5pm
Length of the event
4 hours

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