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Mastermind - Product Owners

Come meet other professionals and share your experiences with each other.

Mastermind is a unique event , where participants help each other grow. At a Mastermind meeting there is space to ask a question, present an idea, mention a problem or need you are facing. You will then get feedback, insights and new perspectives and experiences on the topic from others. When sharing, look for ways to resolve or advance the topic with others. 

We are planning 3 thematic Mastermind events for Scrum Masters and Product Owners in spring 2022.

This is the third Mastermind in a row and will be dedicated to Product Owners with a discussion on "How to be a great Product Owner?", where there will be a space to share good practices through projects.

The meeting is suitable for anyone with an interest in the field, from seasoned experts (passing on experience) to people in an active role with a burning question to juniors who come to be inspired.
As a participant you will get and also provide feedback, insights and experience.

What can Mastermind bring you?

  • In-depth analysis of the topic
  • Sharing experience
  • Building relationships outside the online world

Moderating the event with an experienced mentor from Q Designers.

The event is free of charge and the meeting will take place physically at the premises of Avast (Pikrtova 1737/1a, Prague 4).
Due to the limited capacity (10 participants) it is necessary to register and confirm your participation in advance via registration.

Jindřich Fialka explains what Mastermind is in the video here.

Looking forward to it!

Date of the event
Thu 16 June 14:50
Length of the event
130 minutes

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