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Caught in the social network: How to communicate, publish and engage with fans and influencers

Want to know how to social network? Come to our new webinar!

What will the webinar be about?

You will get comprehensive information about social networks used in the Czech Republic, you will clarify which ones are the most suitable for you and how to communicate on them. We'll show you how to create a publishing plan, why to create it and how to set goals. You'll learn what fans are interested in, how to find out, and how to build a long-term relationship with them. We'll also learn more about the world of influencers, how to identify the one that's right for your or your company's business, and how to connect with them.

In short, you'll learn about it:

  • what is the distribution of social networks,
  • why be on social media,
  • how to create a publication plan,
  • something about Instagram,
  • something about Facebook,
  • how to work with influencers.

Who will lead the webinar?

Tereza first joined Hájednička as an intern. Despite occasional external cooperation, the relationship eventually developed into a full-time job. Today, she is a content amphibian: She prepares content for social networks, but she can also cut classic web copy or an attractive PR article without any problems. She is a content specialist for brands such as NIVEA, Tesco and ElectroWorld.

Where to arrive?

The webinar will take place on 31.5.2022 from 18:00 to 19:30 via Google Meet, the link will be sent to your email after registration.

You can find edited recordings of these events in our video library or on our YouTube channel (we recommend subscribing to it so you don't miss any new videos).

Date of the event
Tue 31 May 16:00
Length of the event
90 minutes
Google Meet
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