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Webinar on #prsakoule prevention by Loono

We will teach you how to prevent and detect breast, testicular, prostate and colon cancer early.

87 000 people get cancer in the Czech Republic every year.
We will teach you how to prevent and detect breast, testicular, prostate and colon cancer early.

But we will not forget about the prevention of cervical and skin cancer. Finally, we will remind you where
and when to go for a preventive check-up.

You will be trained by young doctors and medical students who want to help and teach the public that early prevention and health care can really save many lives.
We are under the auspices of the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University. Our expert guarantors are doctors from the fields of gynaecology, urology, cardiology and general medicine.

About Loono
At Loono, we teach the public how to take care of their health and show them the importance of prevention. We are a team of young doctors, medical students and other professionals. Together we organize workshops and webinars in schools, companies or festivals. We educate in the areas of heart attack and stroke prevention (#heartstroke), cancer (#cancer) and civilisation diseases or reproductive health (#reproductivehealth). We have also recently included a new campaign on mental health (#dobrenitro).

Date of the event
Tue Oct 19, 4pm
Length of the event
60 minutes
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