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How to start a non-profit - the Movapp experience

Talking about how a non-profit organization stands on its (own) feet

What will the webinar be about?

Martin and Tanya, who founded the non-profit organisation Movapp, will offer you first-hand experience. We'll tell you what we had to study for it, what decisions we had to make, where we got stuck in the process the most.

After our talk, you may not be ready to start your own nonprofit, but you will get a rough idea of what the process entails and where you can get more information. If you don't plan to start a non-profit yourself, but are at least a little curious, then we'll broaden your horizons, explain what a non-profit organization is and isn't, and look at parallels abroad or in our past (we'll go all the way back to the first Czech associations during the Austro-Hungarian Empire). If you are starting a non-profit yourself or have recently started one, we welcome your feedback, advice and additions to the discussion.

Movapp was founded in March 2022 in the community of Česko.Digital. After a year and a half in the accelerator program no.d, it is standing on its own feet and finding its place in the world of non-profit organizations.

Who will lead the webinar?

Martin Hassman is a graduate biochemist, former programmer and currently writes articles about IT for a living. Martin is a multi-talented polyglot and his passion for foreign languages and desire to help people in crisis led him to found the successful Movapp project.
TatianaChytilová is a professional HR professional, enjoys traveling and foreign languages, and has taught some of them in the past. She has been with Movapp since the beginning as a coordinator, taking care of the team and recruiting new members. She is one of the three founders of Movapp.

Where to arrive?

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm via Google Meet, a link will be sent to your email after you register.

You can find edited recordings of not only these events in our video library or on our YouTube channel (we recommend subscribing to it so you don't miss any new videos).

Date of the event
Wed 11 Oct 4pm
Length of the event
90 minutes
Google Meet
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