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Don't make colleagues grope in the project - How to organize information and save time and costs?

How to give people the right information at the right time?

What will the webinar be about?

We'll talk about how to get the right information to people at the right time. Ideally before they start looking for it. And what's that gonna do? To speed up project work, make it more convenient for you and your colleagues.

What will you learn?

Let's just say that project briefs and assignments are information. And information has value and power. The power to make your job easier for you and your colleagues. Save time and costs. 

  • That roadmaps, documentation and tasks don't have to be a "chore"
  • That empowerment and rollback are not just "corporate-hipsta-millennial nonsense"
  • That company culture is a tangible thing and you can't do without it
  • That processes and tools must serve people. Not the other way around
  • How to organize your project documentation
  • How to organize goals, tasks, sprint, onboarding and more
  • How to hand over an agenda from a colleague who has left
  • What tools to choose and how to set them up
  • Even the beloved and feared AI will come ;-)


Who is the event for?

For everyone in Czech Digital and beyond. For everyone who wants to manage their project with ease. For everyone who wants to work better with colleagues. And for those who want to make their work easier.

Who will lead the webinar?

Milan Kubík is a knowledge manager, project manager and education enthusiast. During his studies he discovered that he understands people and technology. He worked first as a lecturer, then gained experience in e-commerce and in a media house. He analyzes problems and looks for solutions. He creates and modifies processes to serve people and not the other way around. Will help with project clearance, locates and prioritizes tools. Likes automation and smart solutions.

Where to arrive?

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, September 26, 2023 from 18:00 to 19:15 via Google Meet, the link will be sent to your email after registration.

You can find edited recordings of not only these events in our video library or on our YouTube channel (we recommend subscribing to it so you don't miss any new videos).

Date of the event
Tue 26 Sep 4pm
Length of the event
75 minutes
Google Meet
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