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Paper bulletin boards are on the decline - thanks to Miro, everything is online!

The shopping slips on the fridge rang - now Miro is on!

What will the webinar be about?

I'm sure they all use post-it notes. A purchase, a reminder, or a simple note, some sort of physical wall where you could pin the note was ideal for that too. In the webinar, we'll look at the Miro tool. A program that can just replace the physical wall and the post-it note. Any shapes, colors, images, tables and much more. All in real time. Don't you know anyone who knows how to use Miro? Meet Jan Seidl!

What can you look forward to?

What does Miro do in the basics? He can handle various objects like leaves, slides and shapes with his left back!
❓ Do you know how to make a nice presentation? Don't you? Honza will explain it to you!
👀 We'll show you ready-made boards - the so-called boards
🤞 Let's try Miro and answer questions

Who will lead the webinar?

In the webinar you will meet Honza Seidl, Senior Engineering Manager at Avast. Software engineering has brought him one important experience - at the University of Economics, solutions can be found. It will cost time (and money), but it will be found. You have a bunch of hobbies? So does Honza! He reads, plays in a band, rides his bike and exercises. In what little free time he has left, he also programs.

Where to arrive?

As in previous webinars, we will be meeting through Google Meet on May 10. The talk will last an hour and a quarter, from 18:00 to 19:15.
Just leave us an email to register! The invitation will come to you on its own. 😍

Date of the event
Tue May 10, 4pm
Length of the event
75 minutes
Google Meet
Sign up!

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