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Hack day Česko.Digital

Autumn outside the window, keyboard in hand and the future ahead Česko.Digital! Let's enjoy a Saturday together.

At Česko.Digital , we are building an environment where each of you can get involved in the world of digital and technology as quickly as possible - whether you want to help digitise a non-profit project, gain new digital competencies, share your digital know-how or anything else.

As a proper startup, we've tried a lot of ways not to do things in the two years we've been around 😁 We've figured out a few things we want to do - for example, we've figured out that we need our own digital tools to build such a community. (Thank you, Captain Obvious!)

Come help us kick-start the development of a new generation of digital tools that will make it easier for us to build and engage the community Česko.Digital. You can think of it as a great investment in the digitization of the Czech Republic - but we won't be mad at those who just like to program and design in good company for a day :)

We will especially need Typescript and React programmers, but we will also use Typescript itself, we would love to have at least one graphic designer, and if you just want to be there, just come, even if you programmed reports in Cobol last time! We'll be working primarily on our Volunteer Portal.

We will meet at the premises Siesta Casathat will be available to us for the day. Coffee, tea, refreshments and a pre-prepared backlog with lots of interesting challenges await you. And maybe even a beer! So come along, let's change Česko.Digital for the better.

Date of the event
Sat Oct 16 07:00
Length of the event
10 hours

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