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Hack Day Česko.Digital #3

We create a common space for meeting and sharing between volunteers across projects. Live, every last Saturday of the month.

Want to see other volunteers from Česko.Digital projects and do something live on your project for once and not just after Slack? Come to Hack Day Česko.Digital!

We'd like to create a regular space for the community to meet across the projects we work on at Česko.Digital , which is why the idea of regular Hack Days was born. We see them as a common space for teamwork, but also for discussion and sharing.
We will focus on technical topics during the discussions. Want to talk about how we technically do projects in Česko.Digital, solve an architectural snag or debug a tricky bug together? Or maybe you just want to stop and talk about technology and discuss programming languages? Then this is the event for you!

Approximate event schedule:
9:00 - 10:00 unstructured discussions on projects :)
10:00 - lunch tech talks and Q&A
afternoon working on projects + 1:1 tutorials

Martin Kluska tells us about Github Actions: why to take the time to automate. What we can use Github Actions for, how we used them on movapp, what to watch out for. We'll also discuss examples of what the community has done/can do with Github actions.

Martin Ladecký will introduce Codemagic. We will go through the use of Codemagic, its comparison with fastlane - price and integration into the development pipeline.

Accessibility will also be a big theme of the third Hack Day.
Michal Rada is blind and will come with a classic laptop, tablet and mobile phone and show us how he works with them. We'll take a look at apps that help people with disabilities and bust a few myths, such as that you can't operate touchscreens without sight or that people with disabilities need special technology. And we'll also take away tips on apps that we can play around with. Oh, and we'll also take a look at what artificial intelligence sees in us in terms of environmental recognition.

This theme will be continued by Kristýna Mertlová, who will present the project Your Love.

If you have a nice interesting (non-)technical topic to share with others, get in touch on Slack in the #ceskodigital-tech channel, we'd love to hear from you!

For Hack Day Česko.Digital we have secured a space at Livesport in Prague for the whole day from 9:00 to 18:00. Come for the whole time or just part of the day, come with your team, come alone or alone, above all come! It is not important if you are already involved in a project; what is important is to be interested in technical topics and willing to share them with others.

Date of the event
Sat 25 Mar 08:00
Length of the event
9 hours

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