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Hack Day Česko.Digital #2

We create a common space for meeting and sharing between volunteers across projects. Every last Saturday of the month live at the Workplace in Prague.

Want to see other volunteers from Česko.Digital projects and do something live on your project for once and not just after Slack? Come to Hack Day Česko.Digital!

Rádi bychom vytvořili pravidelný prostor pro pracovní setkávání komunity napříč projekty, na kterých v Česko.Digital pracujeme, a proto vznikla myšlenka pravidelných Hack Days. Vnímáme je jako společný prostor pro týmovou práci, ale i pro diskusi a sdílení.
První z nich tedy v rámci debat zaměříme na technická témata. Chceš se pobavit o tom, jak technicky děláme projekty v Česko.Digital, vyřešit nějaký architektonický zádrhel nebo společně odladit zapeklitou chybu? Nebo se třeba chceš jen zastavit a popovídat si o technologiích a pohádat se podebatovat o programovacích jazycích? Pak je to ta pravá akce pro tebe!

To get the discussion going, we will prepare two shorter presentations:

  • Our programmer and technical support Tomáš Znamenáček aka zoul will talk about how to test pragmatically on projects - what makes sense to test, where you can get the biggest effect with the least effort, why testing is good not only for code correctness and how to do it so that it doesn't just stay with words and best practices :)
  • Jiří Rýdel will show us the latest development trends in React and Next.js, how developers can make their lives easier and who to follow on social media to stay up to date on the latest trends and news in this area.
  • Our ex-CTO and technical consultant on the projects Martin Venyš will discuss how we look at selecting and recommending technologies - how we started, what feedback we received and what we got in the long run.

If you have a nice interesting tech topic you want to share with others, get in touch on Slack in the #ceskodigital-tech channel, we'd love to hear from you!

For Hack Day Česko.Digital we have a space in the Workplace in Prague all day from 9:00 to 18:00. Come for the whole time or just part of the day, come with your team, come alone or alone, above all come! It is not important if you are already involved in a project; what is important is to be interested in technical topics and willing to share them with others.

Date of the event
Sat 25 Feb 08:00
Length of the event
9 hours

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