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Civil Service Talent Hackday 2023

One-day conference on the development and training of people in the Czech public administration

How to develop people in the Czech public administration? What approaches or competences do we want to acquire so that we can gradually lead the Czech Republic through a digital transformation and meet the challenges of the connected world? And where to find inspiration for training Czech civil servants? Come share your experiences and get new inspiration for your work!

This event is co-organised by the Ministry of the Interior, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Digitalisation, the Office of the Government and Česko.Digital.

Program of the event:

8:30 Registration and ice-breaking

9:00 Opening remarks

  • Vít Rakušan, Minister of the Interior
  • Ivan Bartoš, Minister for Regional Development
  • Jindřich Fryč, Supreme State Secretary
  • Jana Kotalíková, Head of the Government Office

9:45 First lecture block

  • Learning systems in public organisations and intrinsic motivation
    Markéta Pěchoučková, MPSV, Jan Hněvkovský, GovLab
  • Public Leadership Academy SK: How to develop leadership talent in public administration?
    Petra Martaus
  • Informed decision-making and working with data in the midst of uncertainty
    Petr Bouchal, Czech Priorities
  • Talent Management in the Canadian Civil Service
    Denise Amyot

Coffee Break 15min

11:00 Second lecture block

  • Digital transformation as a change in thinking and attitudes
    Eva Pavlíková, Česko.Digital
  • Fast Stream GOV.UK: The fastest route to real leadership
  • Service Design: what we have learned
    Matěj Bacovský, Katarína Pribylová, National Institute of Education
  • Artificial Intelligence and Automated Decision Making: Sooner Than You'd Expect
    Jan Romportl

12:00 Lunch and networking

13:30 Workshops and group discussions

Parallel in team study rooms, 1h 45min

Intrinsic motivation as a driver of public service: what can you do tomorrow?
Jan Hnevkovsky, GovLab
What is most important for an executive organization? Intrinsically motivated people! What do you do to ensure that people are intrinsically motivated? Let's introduce the principles behind intrinsic motivation. Using systems thinking, we will look at how these principles are anchored in the functioning of public administration. Together, we will think about how to shift the current situation and how to achieve simple wins that every organization can apply to its operations. 

Design Thinking for Great Public Services
Matěj Bacovský, Katarína Pribylová, National Institute of Education
Good public services are the cornerstone of a democratic society. We can observe from Denmark, Norway, but also from the USA and the UK that public services are designed and run as participatively as possible, and are thus tailored to the target groups. How could we in the Czech Republic use the procedures, knowledge and examples of good practice from abroad so that a stay at the Czech Post Office or any other office is not a negative experience for citizens? The design of services in the public sphere can serve us for this purpose. At the workshop we will present how to do it.

Civil Servants as Professionals
Martina Postupová, Zuzana Brücknerová, Civil Service Section, Ministry of the Interior
Good and responsible public administration requires that civil servants perform their tasks at a high professional level. What should be the strategy for training civil servants? How should it be accompanied by legislation? And what should be the role of the Civil Service Section in this area? Let us also look at how to develop the competences needed across the authorities and how knowledge and experience can be shared.

Informed decision-making: what competences and approaches do we need in a world full of data?
Petr Bouchal, Czech Priorities
Evidence-based policy is the watchword of today. How do we navigate the flood of research texts, separate the wheat from the chaff and who do we need on our team to prepare the ground for decision-making based on solid data? Are you looking for a new form of public service and want to build on or develop existing research? And where is the best place to start? Questions to take away!

Government Council for Information Society, Education of Civil Servants and Digital Transformation
Zuzana Ujhelyiová, Cabinet of Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Bartos, Office of the Government
What should the cooperation of individual ministries look like in the joint digital transformation of the Czech Republic? What can the new Digital Information Agency do and what can the authorities do themselves - and together? An open discussion with Minister Bartoš's cabinet team and representatives of the DIA on the challenges authorities face in digital transformation.

Digital transformation: what awaits us and why not to be afraid of it?
Eva Pavlíková, Česko.Digital
The pressure to digitise public administration is growing, but what is the change actually about? A lot of transformation, just a little bit of digitalisation. New competences and approaches, the basics of which we all need to learn. During the workshop you can present your own challenges and together reveal which approaches, professions or tools will be useful to you in solving them

Leadership in public administration: How to develop it in the Czech Republic?
Kateřina Konrádová, Faculty of Social Sciences UK and Učitel naživo, Karel Gargulák, Faculty of Social Sciences UK and PAQ Research
What should leadership development in public administration look like? Which competences to strengthen and what tools to use to transfer them? Can we together, in one afternoon, propose the outlines of a development programme that would support current and future leaders of Czech authorities in their teamwork? And what can we encounter when applying the findings of this development programme in our offices?

15:30 Joint presentation of outputs

16:00 Conclusion

The event is free, you just need to register in advance.

Date of the event
Thu 23 Mar 07:30
Length of the event
7.5 hours
Registration HERE

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