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BYRO club - meetup #1

First informal but official meetup!

Overcoming resortism and building cooperation for a better public administration in the Czech Republic - should it start with an organisational code, a service law, or an evening over a beer? We don't know, but let's try to start with the latter!

Come to the Střecha Bistro on Thursday, 16 February at 5.30pm for a piece of informal therapy for officials who are striving for a more trustworthy, open, competent and confident state or local government. Please leave a print at https://forms.gle/tyYT9m2wxBBUA43X6 - so we can better count the seats, and send to your colleagues who are close to innovation and still far from resignation.

We look forward to seeing you!

Blanka (2x), Jáchym, Slávek and Matěj

Date of the event
Thu 2/16, 4:30 pm
Length of the event
4.5 hours
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