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Brno Community Meeting

Let's meet other members of the community live in Brno.

Join us for the next informal community meeting Česko.Digital.

We meet regularly online, we know each other from Slack, but it's still nice to see each other live once in a while. That's why we organize two big meetups during the year, but we would like to meet more often and especially in different places, not only in Prague.
That's why after some time we organize another meetup in Brno, for those who are closer to Brno than to Prague, and for those who want to make a trip to see us.

Talk to your team, meet people from other projects, or just come and meet other people who want to change the Czech Republic together for the better. Let's discuss what's going on in Česko.Digital and beyond and have a nice evening together with other people from the community.
Book Monday 9th October in your calendar, we will meet from 5pm in Za mircadlem tea room ( Jaselská 16).

We look forward to seeing you!

Date of the event
after Oct. 9, 3 p.m.
Length of the event
3 hours

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