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Celebration of 4th birthday Česko.Digital

The 4th birthday of Česko.Digital is coming up and we want to celebrate it together!

Time flies and the Fantastic Four are here. 🍀🦸 Last year was a ride again - and so will be our 4th birthday party, to which we cordially invite you! 🎂

When and where will we meet?

When? 👉 on Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 16:30
Where? 👉 Campus Hybernská, Prague 1

How will it work?

💙 We will be very happy if you join us and enjoy the friendly atmosphere, program, networking, drinks, good food and of course a great community** of people.
💙 The meeting will be informal, so you can come with your family, partners or friends. There will be a children's play area with babysitting for the kids.

What will be the program?

16:30 Open door
17:00 Short official programme

  • Opening and welcome by Eva
  • Systemic change or the 4 main reasons to really solve the problem
  • Key Stakeholder Survey - What did we find and why did we do it?
  • Introduction of the tribal team members

But you can also expect stand up, a competition for Merch.Digital or the opportunity to roast a tofu. And of course great networking!

How do you grab your seat?

Fill in the registration form, which can be found on the right after clicking on the button. After registration we will send you an invitation to the calendar.

Don't miss it, we are looking forward to seeing you! 🤩

Date of the event
Tue 30 May 14:30
Length of the event
6.5 hours

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