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Volunteer Portal

Marketplace of opportunities to get involved in Česko.Digital

We are currently looking for

Get involved in Česko.Digital projects


Opportunities for involvement in projects outside Česko.Digital

Looking for help with WordPress Builder setup (Elementor or mioweb)
UX/UI help for Free OpenSource project VEFramework, BaseDataPlace and related projects
We're looking for tech mentors for the Tour de App high school competition

Upcoming events

8. 12. 16:30
Livesport, Aspira BC

Developer meetup with NAKIT - How to deliver for the state?

Do you want to work on projects for the state, but you are scared of the amount of paragraphs you have to study? Come to our meetup and learn everything you need to know!

Event detail
12. 12. 17:00
Google Meet

How UX designers think or design for the real world

The first part of the series focused on UX & UI. This time we'll show more about UX. Let's go!

Event detail

Education – edu.digital

All videos

edu.digital - Why is planning the key to satisfaction? (recording)

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edu.digital - Developer's first steps: How to work with Git so it doesn't give you a headache (recording)

edu.digital - Flipcharts are on the decline – thanks to Miro, everything is online! (recording)

edu.digital - Getting caught up in the social network: How to communicate, publish and establish a connection... (recording)

edu.digital - 7 reasons why state IT does not work (recording)